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Water treatment

Vente et installation de système de traitement d'eau, adoucisseur, filtres, sherbrooke, Magog, orford, Estrie
eau de puits problème de dureté et dépôt calcaire

Hard water (limestone): My water leaves white marks and lime deposits.

eau de puits dépôt de fer dans un évier

rust spots : My water stains clothes and sanitary ware.

problème de chlore

Chlorine: My water comes from a public aqueduct and it smells and tastes like chlorine.

eau puits sens mauvais odeur de soufre

Taste / smell : My water has an unpleasant taste or smell.

eau de puits arsenic

Arsenic : My water contains arsenic.

eau de puits bactéries

Bacteria : My water is not drinkable because of the presence of bacteria.

eau de puits problème de pH corrosive

Corrosive water : My water damages surfaces and leaves greenish stains.

eau de puits couleur jaune, eau de lac, tanin

colored water : My water has an abnormal color.

eau trouble, dépôt grisatre, argile

Troubled Water : My water is not clear due to suspended particles.

Does your water have any of these problems?

Don't panic, you've come to the right place!!


Contact us in order to discuss it with un our experts, the solution to your problems is closer than you thought.

To avoid unpleasant surprises with equipment that is poorly installed or poorly adapted to the quality of your water, it is essential to do business with a serious company that will not let you down at the first opportunity. In a field as complex as water treatment, let one of our experts guide you through all the options available to you in order to find THE solution best suited to YOUR situation.

technicien installe un filtre

Here are some examples of water treatment and filtration systems:

Water softener : System for removing water hardness (limescale) by ion exchange. Can also process some iron and manganese.

Specialized filters: Depending on the filtration media used, it is possible to filter bad odors / taste, iron, manganese, turbidity, arsenic, lead and many more.

Reverse osmosis: For a single faucet, or for the whole house. Ideal for the filtration of dissolved mineral salts (MDT/TDS), arsenic, lead and many other contaminants present in water.

UV (ultraviolet) disinfection: Used to sterilize water by eliminating bacteria using ultraviolet radiation.

Cartridge filter: Filtration by cartridges which can be disposable or cleanable depending on the case. As there is a very wide range of them on the market, the possibilities of applications are also very numerous.

Injection of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide: Can be used for water sterilization, but also in the treatment of severe cases of iron and manganese and in the presence of tannin.

Injection of citric acid / sodium carbonate (soda ash): Allows very effective and stable correction of water with a pH that is too high (basic), or too low (acid).

Injection of aluminum sulphate (Alum): Often used for the coagulation of very fine particles in suspension, for heavy cases of iron and manganese, or in the presence of tannin.

Ultrafiltration : Very effective membrane filtration in the presence of fine dust suspended in the water, or in the presence of tannin.

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